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Some details regarding the programme :

International Women's Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasms on 8th March, 2021 by the Punjab Telecom women welfare Association. A webinar session on”Women’s Wellness” organized by BSNL and Medanta Hospital was attended with great interest by the female staff of BSNL. At the outset, all higher officers (CGM /PGM/GMs) welcomed their respective spouses in the BSNL premises by presenting Roses to them. The celebration took direction with a noble cause i.e. charity to female contractual staff of BSNL, in which they were given gifts to make them feel special on this special day of Women. Further, to make aware women about self care, some tips on skin and hair care were given by Mrs. Savita Khullar, Vice President PTWWO. Also a very interactive session on Meditation, which is the need of hour, was taken by Mrs. Rakhi Singh, w/o Sh. M.C.singh, PGM, Chandigarh and after that Dr. Bharti Sharma w/o Sh. Rajesh Sharma GM (Mktg.)Circle Office recited a beautiful poem written by her mother. All the members participated in the function with great passion and showcased their talents by performing songs and dance. Also, the main charm of the function was dress code which was set as Ethnic wear “Saree” .Though in Punjab ladies prefer to wear suits but dress code was completely followed by the members attended the function. Jalandhar TWWO also celebrated this day with great zeal .President Smt.Parvinder Kaur welcomed all the members with flower sapling and organized different sports activities. In nutshell, all efforts were done to make Women of BSNL feel special on this special day and they did feel the same.

Lohri is considered to be one of the most joyous punjabi folk festival of India. Punjab TWWO celebrated this festival on 12.01.2021 with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Members showcased their talents and performed songs & dance. Ladies also performed Gidha , the folk dance of Punjab .Overall this was a memorable event.

National Youth Day was celebrated on 12.01.2021 in Punjab circle office .Various sports activities e.g Badminton, Tabletennis,chess,carrom etc. were organized in which PTWWO members along with BSNL executives also participated with great passion. On this occasion Sports Arena & refurbished Library was inaugurated. PTWWO also donated Rs.1100 for renovation and facelift of Library and sports activities.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on 6th June 2019:-WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, the big celebration started by UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION in 1972 to address the huge environmental issues like wastage and losses of food, deforestation, increasing global warming etc. Was celebrated in Circle Office Chandigarh by All the members and Executive Body of PTWWO on 6th June 2019. We all planted the plants of Mango, guava, pomegranate and Palm in our Circle Office premises. Then the full team went to Chandigarh SSA bldg and planted few plants there also. The wives of officers and few PTWWO members went to GM CMTS Office where warm welcome was given by gm cmts and his staff members. We all together, planted few plants here in this office premises also. Lastly, we went to Nodal Office at Ramdarbar, Industrial Area. Here GM Nodal Centre along with his staff members appreciated the move and contributed the movement by planting the plants of palm, mango etc. along with the members of PTWWO. In this league of today, we are highly grateful to CGM Punjab Circle Mr J C Menaria,GM CFA, GM NOFN,Circle Office, CE Elect Mr Awanish Shukla, CE Civil Mr Anil Gupta, GMTD Chandigarh Mr J S Sahota and Mr Rajesh Sharma Who all accompanied us all the places for encouraging and boosting the morale of all the members of PTWWO, in this high temperature of Chandigarh.

AN EVENT OF DISTRIBUTION OF LANGAR at GMCH Sector 32, Chandigarh on 28.05.19:-I feel immense pleasure of sharing with all of you the activity, which was performed yesterday 28.05.19.at Chandigarh Govt. Medical Hospital Sector 32. PTWWO members organized AN EVENT OF DISTRIBUTION OF LANGAR at GMCH Sector 32, Chandigarh. The langer was prepared by MATA MANSADEVI TRUST on our request on payment basis. The payment was donated gladly by every member of PTWWO for this noble cause. Besides the hot day, every executive and member of PTWWO offered her self for sewa of distributing the langer to the needy people near the hospital. Seeing the courage, zeal and enthusiasm of the lady members, BSNL officers i.e CGM Punjab Circle Mr J C Menaria along with his vertical heads and Gmtd Chandigarh Mr J.S. Sahota and Mr Rajesh Sharma also reached on the site and helped us in distributing the langer. They boosted the moral of the members, who were serving food, by clicking their pics and serving them with water bottles. The work of distribution took around 3hrs, but it was done with full cooperation of every member of BSNL family, very smoothly and in a disciplined way. After the distribution was over everybody was feeling elated by this work of generosity.

An occurrence of charity took place today 21.5.2019 at GMT/D Chandigarh office :- An occurrence of charity took place today 21.5.2019 at GMT/D Chandigarh office, by providing: 1. Some monitory help to the family of a deceased BSNL employee (TTA), whose economical condition is very bad, due to non employment of either of his family members. 2. A meager amount was also given to his son as an incentive, for encouraging him for the higher studies. 3.Small token of appreciation in the shape of monthly remuneration was given to the Gardener of the Chandigarh SSA , by the president of PTWWO, Mrs Meenakshi Menaria. These projects were done in coordination with PTWWO Circle Office, SSA office and Officer's wives. Some suites, T- shirts were also distributed among 3-4 deserving and needy candidates of the Chandigarh SSA. Every member of PTWWO, SSA Staff and lastly the wives of the officers were elated by doing this work of charity..

12th jan (Lahri Celebration ):- The newly elected body is quite active and decided to form a cordial environment between female staff and officer’s wives so organized a cultural programme on the eve of “Lohri” with the co-operation of members of the PTWWO. During Lohri celebration the events like Tambola, Gidhha, Dance, other entertaining games and Bonfire were held with great pump and show.

7th March (Blood Donation ):- we organized a blood donation camp in Chandigarh at the % CGMT Punjab Circle, Wherein we got a huge number of volunteers, male as well as female from the BSNL Circle Office for donating their blood.The job was done in a very systematic manner getting also full support from the wives of the officers of BSNL Chandigarh

8th March (Women's Day): -We had a get together of female staff of BSNL and wives of BSNL officers. A lot of views were exchanged regarding the place of women in the society as a whole. The gathering was addressed by CGMT Punjab. Circle Mr. M.S. Dhillon and GM Admn. Mr. S K Koul. We had a quiz programme also where in chocolates were distributed to the winners of the competition. A small cultural programme was also organized where in they sang songs and recited some Urdu couplets. They also presented their compositions on various issues related to women .A light refreshment was also served during the occasion.

10th March (Dietician & Physiotherapist Visit):- we had invited a dietician Dr Manisha Arora from GMH Sec 16 Chandigarh who deliberated some lectures on the intake of proteins and calicium etc. in our daily diet, providing us the full strength and thereupon burning the calories and fat to avoid the diseases and lead a happy and healthy life. A physiotherapist Dr. Nitin also from GMH Sec 16, Chandigarh, was invited to deliver the lecture regarding the body postures while sitting in the office as well as at home. He revealed the good tips for keeping our body fit. He also prescribed some basic exercises for the daily routine which are not so high time consuming but helps a woman to be in a good health and shape.

14th March (Health Check Up Camp):- We had invited Dr Bharti gynecologist from govt, medical college sec 32 Chandigarh who addressed lectures on the different health issues of a woman. Lastly she was put questions regarding her lecture by the curious ladies who want to keep themselves free from life threatening diseases. On the same day a programme of health check up for the female staff, spouses of the male staff and the wives of the officers of BSNL at Chandigarh was organized by Dr Anju Bhatia from Health Services UT This programme included BP check up, random sugar test, weight and obesity test. Tips were given by the doctor for reduction of weight and avoiding obesity for keeping our good health.

5th June (World Environment Day):- PTWWO celebrated world environment day with tree plantation activity and take pledge to keep our environment pollution free.